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The Resolute Desk is made from 100% solid wood, Mahogany or Oak.

The original desk, as seen many times in pictures in the White House Oval Office, is our standard 72×48.

This desk is just like the original in every detail, even down to the screws used to lock the doors in the desk pedestals.

The Resolute Desk, also known as the Presidents Desk, is hand carved and made from start to finish by our cabinet makers who have obtained their skills from generations before them. There are no production lines with this desk! The drawers are all hand dovetailed with solid wood drawer bottoms, just like the original.

The only modern change we have made with this desk is the file drawers are on slides, otherwise it would be like going back in time and seeing the desk as it was originally made.

We antique the desk to look just like the original back in 1880. Finally, before the desk is ready to be shipped to you, we apply the fine Scottish leather hides on the desk top. We use only full hides which show the beauty and luxury of this leather. The Desk leather top is then gold gilded by hand and sealed.

The front side has doors with drawers above, the centre drawer has a copy of the original brass plate with the words from Queen Victoria to the President and people of the United States.

Underneath this plate is the famous Presidential Seal carved on the secret door. This door was made famous when John Jr. was seen poking his head through it whilst having a playful time with his father, President JFK.

The opposite side features doors and drawers with additional file drawers behind the doors with drawers above.

Additional features can be incorporated such as cable holes for computers, telephones and keyboards if required.


Leather Top Colours
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