Authentic Handmade Resolute Desk from the Oval Office

The unique and historical Presidents Desk, or the Resolute Desk as it is sometimes called, sits in The Oval Office of the White House and is used by President Obama. It has been reproduced by our company, The Presidents Desk Canada, for over 20 years. The desk is hand made, detail by detail, using time honored techniques handed down to our master craftsmen by generations before them. Every carving and molding is as individual as the rest. There is no mass production of this beautiful piece of furniture meaning that your copy is as much a true reproduction of the original as is possible.

The Presidents desk is being made in four different sizes and in two different woods, Mahogany and Oak. Each desk is built entirely from 100% solid wood, handmade and hand carved in every detail. The drawers are hand dovetailed and custom fitted into the desk frame and have solid wood drawer bottoms to ensure it looks just like the original. The only modern day accessory we have incorporated into the design is the use of file drawer slides for added convenience. The original door, as depicted in the JFK picture with John Jr. peeking through, is also on our desk. Find out More

*Starting at $6,500